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Everyone has a unique set of health needs as well as a unique set of work and family obligations. Many busy professionals rely on the executive health and wellness services available from Tamera Thoener, FNP-C, Kim Huang, AGNP-C, and the team at Nashville Health Pro in Nashville, Tennessee. This option allows fast access to your health team in a setting that works for you, whether at home or in the workplace. Call today to learn more, or schedule a visit using the easy online booking tool.

Executive Health & Wellness Q & A

What is executive health and wellness?

At Nashville Health Pro, executive health and wellness is an approach that seeks to deliver services to busy professionals, either within the workplace or in the clinic. These services are flexible and can be aligned with a company’s existing health and wellness program or as standalone care. 

Many companies recognize the value of implementing a health and wellness program for employees. By supporting optimal health, companies enjoy better workplace performance, fewer absences, and overall improved morale. Nashville Health Pro seeks to administer health and wellness care that aligns with each company’s program. 

What kind of services are available through executive health and wellness?

The primary focus of executive health and wellness is preventive care. This includes routine physicals, visits in which your current health data is collected and compiled into your personal medical record.

Screenings are often part of the process. Your care team determines which screenings are appropriate for your age, sex, and health history. 

Health and wellness education is a central part of these visits. You’ll learn how to make meaningful improvements in your diet and exercise routines, as well as how to support your own health at home. 

Additional services might include:

  • COVID-19 screening
  • Digital imaging
  • Lab testing
  • EKGs
  • Physical therapy

If you have a chronic health issue, your visits will include management of your condition and a review of current medications and treatments. You’ll also receive guidance on how you can improve your health on your own — between visits. There’s even a mobile chiropractor on staff who can come to the office and provide treatments or tips on how to improve workplace ergonomics. 

What are the benefits of executive health and wellness?

This mode of health care offers multiple benefits. The Nashville Health Pro team can deliver care at your place of employment, making it convenient to take care of your health needs without additional trips to the clinic. Of course, these services can also be provided in-house at Nashville Health Pro. 

Many companies have outstanding health and wellness programs available to employees. By working within that framework, you have a chance to improve or maintain your health within a highly structured program, as opposed to simply coming in for annual physical exams and preventive health screenings. 

Finally, accountability plays a role in the success of executive health and wellness programs. Some employees join in company-supported health and wellness competitions, support groups, exercise, and weight loss groups to further their personal health goals. 

If you have questions or concerns about executive health and wellness, call the office today to set up a consultation. You can also use the easy online booking tool to find a time that fits your busy schedule.