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Weight Loss - How Injections Can Help!

How does an injection help? There are many different ways these medications work in your body to help you lose weight. Understanding why we take any drug can be a science lesson, so listed below is how these two injections can help us shed those pounds.

  1. Inhibiting glucagon release in the pancreas

Glucagon is a peptide hormone released in the pancreas. This messenger tells the liver to release some glucose (our body's natural sugar) and fatty acid into our bloodstream. This is what gives us energy! When we have too much of it, we have leftover glucose, causing elevated blood sugars and weight gain. So, these medications help by inhibiting the amount of glucagon, preventing our bodies from creating an overabundance of glucose (sugar), and helping us manage our weight.

  1. Decrease glucose production in the liver.

As mentioned above, once the liver gets the signal from the pancreas hormone glucagon, the liver creates glucose (our sugar/energy source for our bodies). If we have too much glucose, our liver turns that extra glucose into glycogen, which is a fancy word for fat! This is what these injections will prevent. If we can stop the liver from creating too much glucose, we can stop it from storing all those extra pounds!

  1. Delay gastric emptying and decreasing appetite

The injections help to slow down how quickly food empties from our stomach into the small intestine—allowing our body to process food slower, helping us feel full longer. Everything working together will help decrease our appetites, helping us meet our weight loss goals.

All the science and research behind these injections have led us to this new and exciting weight loss program, where we can help you achieve your ideal healthy lifestyle. Contact Nashville Health Pro today to start your new wellness journey!

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