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IV Hydration Therapy In Nashville

A growing remedy in popularity for treating hangover symptoms is the IV hydration therapy drip. In part because it can be administered in an office or in the convenience of your own home. Those who have experienced a hydration IV testify to its ability to relieve the hangover symptoms and get them feeling great again within minutes. But why is IV therapy so effective?

Intravenous hydration drips are a mixture of water, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants that rehydrate the body after excessive drinking of alcohol. It’s true that long term abuse of alcohol has a destructive effect on the human body, but after a special night of partying at a bachelorette party of a celebration of a great achievement, the hangover IV drip can get you feeling great again very quickly. 

Each IV hangover bag contains about 500 milliliters to 1 liter of fluid. The IV hydration drips deliver nutrients and water directly into the bloodstream bypassing the small intestines and the liver offering quick relief. Further, the IV hydration is able to replace minerals, B-vitamins, Vitamin C, water, zinc, and folic acid to the bloodstream that has been depleted by Alcohol. 

A Nashville IV therapy like the Myers Cocktail, also provides the body with electrolytes, including potassium and sodium, to balance the blood. For example, Vitamin C given intravenously has been found to reach blood concentrations more than 50 times greater than what can be achieved when given orally. Some patients feel an energy boost as well.

Another added benefit of these IV vitamin therapy drips is the substance of Glutathione, which is one of the most potent antioxidants. This aids in detoxifying the liver as it removes toxins from the bloodstream that are released from the breakdown of alcohol.

You might wonder how are these IV Hydration Drips are administered. Healthcare professional can bring these mobile hydration IVs either to you office or home and administer them through a small catheter inserted into a vein. The infusion is given very slowly over 20-30 minutes. The result is fantastic.

Because the IV therapy service is mobile, it is recommended not to travel to a clinic or hospital but let a healthcare professional meet you in the convenience of your home minimizing the risk of complications of the procedure. These IV vitamin treatments can be tailored to your specific needs in relieve aches and abdominal discomfort that accompanies a hangover.

So the next time you out celebrating with friends or colleagues and suspect that you may not feel so great the next morning, call ahead and schedule an appointment for your IV hydration therapy in Nashville at Hangover Healthcare and know you’ll feel better as a result. 

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